Bibi fatima shahadat

Another date mentioned in some historical accounts is of 13th of Jamadi-ul-Awwal. On the sad occasion of the anniversary of her martyrdom, I wish to extend my condolences to Prophet Mohammad sawawImam Zamana atfsthe Ahl-e-Bait as and to all Momineen and Mominaat.

The Shahadat of Janabe Fatima Zehra sa occurred either 75 days or 95 days after the wisal of our Prophet Muhammad sawaw. It is confirmed that 28th Safar is the day of the wisal of our Prophet Muhammad sawaw. And as for 95 days count, then her Shahadat falls on the 3rd Jamadi us-Sani.

Because we do not know the exact date, we have been advised to commemorate this period between 13th, 14th, 15th Jamadi Al-Awwal to 3rd Jamadi us-Sani as Ayyam-e-Fatimiya. Sheikh Abbas Qummi ar mentions in Mafatihul Jinan that there are at least 2 narrations regarding the shahadat date of Bibi Fatima sa and aza should be observed by momineen on both these dates.

As regards the shahadat of Bibi Fatima saboth these dates are observed in many countries especially India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran and several Arab countries.

As per usual practice among the followers of Ahl-e-Bait asplease offer nazrana and special prayers on this day. Presentations about Hazrat Fatima Zehra sa. Online Books. Com about Hazrat Fatima Zehra as are as follows:. Toggle navigation Khanwade Abu Talib.

Hazart Abbas a. Imam Musa Kazim a. Imam Ali Raza a. Khanwade Abu Talib A. Your Name. E-Mail Address. Close Send Email. Important Note. Go Back. View All Post by Mustafa Abbas. Noor ki anjuman Fatima a. Noha on lady Fatima as by hilali - Persian, English captions.It is interesting to know that the Imams A foretold the birth of this noble lady and her presence in Qum many years before her birth.

H; this speech was made at least 45 years before her birth. Therefore, the good news of her birth was foretold more than 45 years before she was born! H in Madina. H instead of A. H, but this is incorrect on account of two major points, which are:. H he died in prison in Baghdad. We also know the minimum amount of time that he spent in prison was four years and during this imprisonment, his family was in Madina. From the foregoing, it can be seen that it is not possible that Lady Fatima Masuma A was born in the year A.

H, and the authors who have quoted this date have made a mistake, either in counting or writing and should have recorded A. The year of her death is further corroborated by the tiles in her shrine, dating back from centuries ago, which have the same date written on them. However, there are various possibilities about the month and day of her death: 1.

Lady Fatima Masuma A was about 28 years old when she died, although some scholars have said that at the time of her death her age was 18 from the mistake of the year of her birth - A. H and others have said her age was 23, but this last narration is not very reliable, due to its weak chain of transmission.

She is buried in Azerbaijan, 11 where the beautiful dome and gardens at her shrine were destroyed during the era of Communist Russia. In A. After his arrest, he was brought to Iraq, where he was imprisoned in the dungeons of Baghdad. This is where the Imam A spent the rest of his life.

From the dates above, we can conclude that the Imam A was in prison for four years. It has been emphasised in many traditions that the choosing of a suitable name for a child is the responsibility of the father. And it was due to this respect that the Imams A would name their children by these holy names, and usually more than one child had the fortune to have such a noble name.

It is worth noting that this title was awarded to her after her death and she was not referred to by this name during her life-time.

This noble man was very interested in finding the exact location of the burial place of Lady Fatima Zahra Aand for this purpose he spent 40 days supplicating, so that he could be privileged with this information. Imam A said to him:. He often cited that one of the reasons for his emigration to Iran was the dream of his father. He would wait outside her shrine for the doors to be opened. Even during his final illness before his death, he requested to be carried to her shrine in order to perform her pilgrimage.

Other titles that have been given to Lady Fatima Masuma A are: 1. Sayyidah 5. And so in this chapter we will attempt to understand something of the great status of this noble lady. Some traditions that are indicative of her status are mentioned below:. Also, from this tradition, as discussed previously, we get the title of Masuma infallible that was given to this noble lady by Imam A himself. This narration also illustrates the high status of this noble lady, because her pilgrim is ensured entry into Heaven.

This statement is indeed worthy of attention because: i. The coming of the two men, whose faces were not clearly seen, at the time of the burial of Lady Fatima Masuma A. This incident in itself does not necessarily prove that Lady Fatima Masuma A was infallible, because the Imams A would take part in the burial rituals of many of their followers.

However, it does indicate her high status, and the fact that the Imams A came from afar and took over the responsibility of her burial is worth noting.Umar at Fatimah's house refers to a confrontation which took place at the home of Fatimahdaughter of the Islamic prophet Muhammadshortly after the latter's death in CE.

A group, led by the prominent sahaba Umarwent to the house to meet Fatimah's husband Ali and his partisans, with the aim of gaining their allegiance for the newly-elected caliphAbu Bakr. However, this resulted in a standoff between the two parties, the details of which are uncertain.

This event, which has mentions in ShiaSunniand western academic books, is also claimed by Shia sources [1] to have led to Fatimah's miscarriage of her son Muhsin ibn Ali[2] [3] as well as her own death shortly after. In the immediate aftermath of the death of Muhammada gathering of the Ansar natives of Medina took place in the Saqifah courtyard of the Banu Sa'ida clan.

After a partially heated debate, Abu Bakr was ultimately elected by those gathered as the new head of the Muslim community.

Though his ascension was near-universally accepted, Abu Bakr faced contention as a result of the rushed nature of his election. Several Sahabahmost prominent among them being Ali ibn Abi Talibinitially refused to acknowledge his authority. After the gathering at Saqifa, Umar who had been among Abu Bakr's advocates and his supporters were allegedly sent by the new Caliph to Ali's house where Ali, Fatimah and some of their allies were gathered.

While the historian Al-Baladhuri states that the altercation never became violent and ended with Ali's compliance, [20] and Tabari makes no mention of Fatimah's involvement, [13] some traditions add that Umar and his supporters forcibly entered the house, resulting in Fatimah's miscarriage of her unborn son Muhsin. Mohammad-Baqer Majlesiwriting in his Bihar al-Anwarstates that Fatimah died soon after due to injuries sustained during the altercation. When I shall meet the Prophet S I will complain about you two.

The events that took place in the house have been the subject of dispute between various accounts, with the versions including violence primarily having Shia origins. Al-Baladhurialong with Al-Ya'qubi and Al-Masudilist Muhsin among the children of Fatimah, but without any mention of a miscarriage.

bibi fatima shahadat

The earliest known reference of the miscarriage during the altercation only appears in the 10th century, in Ibn Qulawayh Al-Qummi's Kamil al-ziyarat. Other sources also add that Fatimah and Abu Bakr had ultimately reconciled, [31] and that she died of illness, [32] with him attending and praying at her funeral.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Part of a series on Islam Beliefs. Profession of faith Prayer Alms-giving Fasting Pilgrimage. Texts and sciences. Denominations and branches.

Culture and society. Related topics. See also: Succession to Muhammad and Saqifa. Doctrine of Terror: Saudi Salafi Religion. Isbaat al-Wilaayah. They attacked Fatimah's s. They crushed the Chief of All Women behind the door so violently that it resulted in the miscarriage of Mohsin.

Al-Milal wa al-Nehal, Volume 1. Bihar al-Anwar, Volume The Succession to Muhammad.Her sisters included Fatimah as-Sughra and Fatimah al-Kubrawith the latter also being called 'Sakinah'.

Umar at Fatimah's house

The story of Ruqayya is one of the many emotional stories that Muslims tell about Husayn and his martyrdom at the hands of Yazid 's troops. The Battle of Karbala and the subsequent events at the court of Yazid are explained and mourned annually during the commemoration of the 10th of Muharramalso known as "' Ashura '". She accompanied her father when he traveled from Mecca to Kufah in Iraq.

On the 2nd of Muharram, 61 AH CEHusain and 72 of his family members and companions were forced to camp in the plains of Karbala by Yazid 's army of 30, men.

Yazid ibn Muawiyyah was the practical Caliph who desired religious authority by obtaining the allegiance of Husain, but the Imam would not give up his principles. On the 10th of Muharramthe Imam's household was attacked, a number of his companions were killed, and the survivors were made captives.

Ruqayyah bint Husayn

The survivors included the Imam's sisters, wife, and daughters, including Sukayna, relatives of companions of the Imam, and his son, Ali Zaynul-Abidin, who did not participate in the battle, due to an illness. Sukayna, as with others, had been grieved over the killings. They had also suffered from thirst. The survivors were marched by Yazid's army from Karbala to Kufah, where Sukayna received water from a sympathetic woman, and then to Damascus in Shaam. There was a lack of pity from the captors' part during the journey.

Even at these times of hardship and misery, Ruqayyah was sympathetic to others, such as her mother, whom she consoled her mother on the death of Ali al-Asghar.

According to Shia Islamic narrations that are commemorated every year on the occasion of Ashuraafter enduring the Battle of Karbala and the torturous journey to Damascus that followed it, Sukaynah died at the age of four weeping over her father's head in Yazid palace hall where prisoner were initially stayed and, her body was originally buried at nearby site. He and some people opened the grave, and saw that ground water was indeed entering the grave, besides that her body was still intact.

Sukayna's body was moved from its original burial place, the dungeon, and reburied where her Mosque is now located. The mosque was built around the mausoleum in and exhibits a modern version of Iranian architecturewith substantial amount of mirror and gold work.

There is a small mosque area adjoining the shrine room, along with a small courtyard in front. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Sukayna bint Husayn. This article is about Ruqayyah bint Al-Husayn. She is not to be confused with Sakinah Fatima al-Kubra bint Husayn. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The neutrality of this article is disputed. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page.

Please do not remove this message until conditions to do so are met.This is an old post I am updating today. Without Shia women there is no Shiasm. Shiasm is alive as Shia women as Mothersbring forth Faithfaith as a newborn child, who will become the father of Man.

For me no Mullahdom, no monument man made is greater than the contribution of the Shia mother. She is the embodiment of a single drop of tear that fell from the eye of Bibi Fatima, yes our race is born through a drop of a tear, a mothers tear to a Shia mother, a pledge between Bibi Fatima and her Shia women to keep the flame of Shiasm alive.

Yes I touch a Shia mothers feet,beneath it lies Paradise. Call me a Heretic, I will reply yes I am a Shia. It is Bibi Fatima the unfortunate motherwho worked, labored on the grinding stone to wean her children Hassan and Hussain, wife of Hazrat Ali, daughter of the Holy Prophet. This erstwhile mother worked on the grinding stone, this lady devout, humble, the daughter of the richest woman on the Arabian Pnninsular Bibi Khadija.

She suffered on the passing away of the Messenger of God, deprived of her personal inheritance, ill treated by a political Islam, she stood her ground.

bibi fatima shahadat

Already aware of the hardships to come, hardships on her children, on Islam. But she led from the front, it is her values, that she instilled in her children, that saved Islam from Islam.

Karbala was the battleground of Faith that stood against a powerful Yazidi force, each one slaughtered, Arab cruelty at its worst, death you would not wish for your worst enemysuch a death was meted out to the kith and kin of the Holy Prophetthis is not a melodrama or Majlis rhetoric, this is Truth, that for years the people have ignored chosen to erase Karbala…but Karbala is imprinted on every Shia heart.

The Shia mother is the soul of our Shiasm who keeps our faith alive. Maksade Fatima for a Maksade Hussain. Wife and my daughter, my daughter in law have been attending 5 days ladies majlis at Shia Mehfil at Bandra Bazar Road. The Prophet of Islam had only one daughter named Fatima. Her mother Khadija had two other daughters from her two earlier marriages. When The Prophet married her, both daughters came with her mother to live in the house of the Prophet.

The Date of her birth was 20th Jumada al-Akhar. She has many following titles. This was the hardest time for the family because in the same year Abu Talib who was the protector of Muhammad SAW from the animosity of the Quraish also died in the same year as Khadija. Muhammad SAW married Umm-e-Salama, an old widow after the death of Khadija to have someone to look after the household chores.Kita barbad meeray ghar noo musalmana nay Dhookay bazan nay sitam garan nay bay eman nan nay Hay zahar day khurmay diya Shabbar imam noon Hay aaj karbal oon abad baanaya.

Teri tehrir noo parah hasday mein takdi rahee aeen dhee Muhammad dia han mein lokan noon aay dus di rahee aan kitnay sanad day tukary nal jhirkan bhi mareeyan hay jinan lokan noon tu kalma parahya. Teri himat ka naam hai zainab our shabbir hai sabr tera Tere aansoo Sajjad ke ansoo or sakina mein hai assar tera Tere bachon nay bibi teri tara zulm seh ke bhee deen bachaya hai.

Bharay darbar mein musalma nay dono jhutla diyai hai laal uskay Jaanay kesa sulook kar dala pal me ho gaye safaid baal uskay Gir ke baihoosh ho gayee zahra haal zainab ko Jab sunaya hai.

bibi fatima shahadat

Boli fizza issay rulao na jhirkiyan do na kuch to sharam karo Dekh jisko nabi karay rehtay usko darbar mein khara na karo Roee jad laadli mohomad ki sara darbar muskuraya hai. Jo ajar syeda nay hai paaya kesay koi lagaay andaza Jab musalmano nay kiya hamla you laga Fatima ko darvaza Zakhmi pehlu say paak bibi nay mar keh bhee haat na uthaya hai. Haath amma tere janazay ko mein na us waqt tak lagaoonga Na bhulayai gee jab talak mujhko bolay shabbir mein na aoonga Ghar mein kohraam hogaya barpa shah ko bibi nay jab bulaya hai.

Roti rehti thee dair tak zainab dil ko aata na ik pal bhee cheyn Yaad ateen vasiyatay maa ki jab kabi paani maangta tha Hussain Pyaas bhayi ki daikh kar mar jaati kis tara waqt vo nibhaya hai. Na Hassan dar hai koi Mehshar ka or na khof hai jahanum ka Ham azadaro ko to bas bibi aasara hai bohat tere gham ka Kasam ghazi ki khushnasseb hai vo jis kay dil me yai gham samaya hai.

Search for: Close. Kita barbad meeray ghar noo musalmana nay Dhookay bazan nay sitam garan nay bay eman nan nay Hay zahar day khurmay diya Shabbar imam noon Hay aaj karbal oon abad baanaya 4. Older Posts. Blog at WordPress.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy. Post to Cancel.Her husband was Alithe last of the Rightly Guided Caliphs and the first Shia Imamand her children include Hasan and Husaynthe second and third Imams, respectively.

Fatimah is a vital character in Islam [15] and her name is one of the most popular for girls throughout the Muslim world. Fatimah is given many titles by Muslims to show their admiration of her moral and physical characteristics. The most used title is " al-Zahra ", meaning "the shining one", and she is commonly referred to as Fatimah Zahra.

Moreover, there are many Shia narrations which have been stated from their Imams about the names and titles of Fatima. Fatimah was born in Mecca to Khadija, the first of Muhammad's wives. There are differences of opinion on the exact date of her birth, but the widely accepted view is that she was born five years before the first Quranic revelations[14] during the time of the rebuilding of the Kaaba in[1] [2] [3] although this does imply she was over 18 at the time of her marriage, which was unusual in Arabia.

She also had three brothers named Qasim ibn MuhammadAbd-Allah ibn Muhammadand Ibrahim ibn Muhammadall of whom died in childhood. While Sunnis believe Zainab, Ruqayyah, and Umm Kulthum to be the other daughters of Muhammad, Shias believe that they were actually the daughters of Hala, the sister of Khadijah, who were adopted by Muhammad and Khadijah at her death.

bibi fatima shahadat

A reason given by the Shia scholars for this belief is the hadith on the event of Mubahalah referenced to in the Quranin which there is no reference to the presence of any other female apart from Fatimah.

Following the birth of Fatimah, she was nursed by her mother and brought up by her father; [28] contrary to local customs where the newborns were sent to " wet nurses " in the surrounding villages. Fatimah, upon hearing the news, rushed to her father and wiped away the filth while scolding the men.

At the death of her mother, Fatimah was overcome by sorrow and found it very difficult to cope with it. To console her, her father informed her about having received word from the angel Jibril that God had built for her a palace in paradise. Muhammad turned them all down, saying that he was awaiting a sign of her destiny.

When he went to see Muhammad, he could not vocalise his intention but remained silent. Muhammad understood the reason for his being there and prompted Ali to confirm that he had come to seek Fatimah in marriage. He suggested that Ali had a shield, which if sold, would provide sufficient money to pay the bridal gift mahr. Muhammad took this to be a sign of affirmation and consent. The actual date of the marriage is unclear, but it most likely took place inthe second year of the hijraalthough some sources say it was in The age of Fatimah is reported to have been 9 or 19 due to differences of opinion on the exact date of her birth i.

Although polygamy is permitted by Islam, Ali did not marry any other woman while Fatimah was alive. After her marriage to Ali, the couple led a humble life in contrast to her sisters who were all married to wealthy individuals. However, due to Fatimah's desire to be closer to her father, a Medinan Haritha bin al-Numan donated his own house to them. For several years after her marriage, she did all of the work by herself.

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The shoulder on which she carried pitchers of water from the well was swollen and the hand with which she worked the handmill to grind corn were often covered with blisters. When the economic situations of the Muslims become better, Fatimah gained some maids but treated them like her family and performed the house duties with them. Another reference to their simple life comes from the Tasbih of Fatimaha divine formula that was first given to Fatimah when she asked her father for a kaneez slave girl in order to help her with household chores.

Her father asked her if she would like a gift instead that was better than a servant and worth more than everything in the world. This collective prayer is called the Tasbih of Fatima. Fatimah is believed to have had a happy marital life. However, there are claims that Ali angered her when he allegedly asked for Abu Jahl's daughter's hand in marriage. Human beings have received and will receive perfection through us. The perpetual supremacy and inherent superiority do no prevent us from making contact with human beings or with your clan, and we have married amongst you and have established family connections with your clan, though you do not belong to our class.

How can you be our equal when the Holy Prophet belongs to us and Abu Jahl, the worst enemy of Islam, was from amongst you However, Shia sources tend to dispute this event, citing speeches from Ali that deny any problem with his spouse. One such has Ali swearing to God, "I never did any act that made Fatimah angry and she never made me angry either. The statement is instead attributed to Fatimah herself, who is believed to have used it when voicing her anger at Abu Bakr and Umar.

When this news reached Fatimah, she rushed to her father who found out the falsity of the story.

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